Put in Light

About put in light

In 2004, I begin working in the series Puestas de luz (Light Settings). Through a series of self-portraits, I explore the ways to shed light when my sensory levels perceive darkness.

In 2005, I publish my work in the collective exhibition Aberto por obras (Open for renovation works), at MARCO´s adjacent space. At this exhibition, I present the action Poner en luz (To Shed Light), where I receive every person that is interested in having this type of image taken.

The Light Settings are images intended to each and every individual. Portraits that, as solar mirrors, provide us with information, and reflect hidden or invisible aspects of our most inner unconscious being. These images help us to meditate, to find and discover ourselves, always from a loving and positive outlook. Images that provide new keys that allow to interpret and understand ourselves, revealing a new way of looking.