Put in light portraits

About put in light portraits

Images that reveal sides of our self in order to achieve a new being.

What are Light Settings?

  • Light Settings are images produced starting from a photograph that through the colour-light, reflect the vital moments of the people portrayed.
  • It is a portrait that gives mirror-like information and reflects hidden, not visible or unconscious aspects of our most inner self.
  • It is an image that offers visual information about our vital instant, whose comprehension, at least initially, lays in the right area of the brain, which is more intuitive and sensitive.
  • It is an image that pushes us,  beyond all masks that we have created, to connect with our inner knowledge.
  • It is a starting point to meditate, to look and discover ourselves from a new loving, positive and creative perspective/look.
  • It is an image that gives each individual, specific infomation about themselves, in a way that is restricted to others - as signs, shapes, colours, positions or any  other particularities that could arise in the image, are very personal and belong only to the connections that ring inside each individual portrayed.
  • Light Settings give us new keys to feel and reinterpret things, revealing and offering new ways of looking and better understanding ourselves, supporting from inside all the necessary changes that we may need to make .

Who can make a Light Setting?

    • A person of any age who can provide or have a photographic image of themselves taken.
    • A group of people that are somehow linked, have a family connection, a friendly relationship, work together or any other association.
    • A place, space or landscape.
    • Why making a Light Setting?
    • Because you may want to receive new information about yourself and the way you fit in your life.
    • Because you may feel like making changes that improve your everyday life, that make you more conscious and facilitate your personal well-being.
    • Because the words you use and the thoughts you have may not help you to move forward and you want to open to far more subtle information that provides new visions of yourself.
    • Simply because you want to treat yourself to a different portait of your vital instant.

How is a Light Setting made?

    • The first requirement to make a Light Setting is to make a request, either for yourself or as a gift for someone. A form must be filled in, where I note the request date and the personal details of the person that makes the order.
    • The following step is to take the picture. There are two options: I can make the photographic session myself and select an image to work on. Alternatively, the person that makes the request can take or bring his own picture.
    • Once I have the picture, I use Photoshop to start a process in which I am connected to the intention to shed light, receiving information that is applied instantaneously on the image areas which are most perceived, using  colour/light and shape.
    • Once I start working on the image, I contact the participant  via e-mail or sms and provide my feedback. This way, the participant can also become aware and get more involved in the image process. We can then start a dialogue according to the aspects that arise from the image.
    • The image can emerge in a single session or it can take a few days. It can even change or suffer certain transformation during that time, producing a sequence or evolution of images.
    • Finally, a colour image is sent via e-mail, including my comments regarding what was perceived during my work.
    • If the participant wants a printed image in a bigger format, to hang as a painting, it can be requested at the end of the work.